Streetlight Backstage Pass

Insights, reflections & Easter eggs from Streetlight Guild events

What is SLG?

Streetlight Guild is a performing arts organization founded by artist/organizer Scott Woods that cultivates and preserves Columbus-based culture, emphasizing underrepresented voices.

We put on events and performance series in a wide range of artistic disciplines: literary, musical, visual and performative. Our emphasis is on original and culture-defining work, and we occasionally commission work featuring this goal. We create culture, refine its practitioners and audiences, and preserve the art that informs the basis of the culture we are creating. SGL is currently working to acquire 501(c)(3) status and establish an independent venue to host programming and act as a community resource.

Columbus is growing town that struggles with identity. Streetlight Guild seeks to do what all great cities have done to address this: discover what makes its city culturally unique, and then amplify and support those efforts.